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Educational Visits

At Elm Court, we encourage pupils to take part in school trips and to visit places of educational interest. The purpose of these visits is to develop their independence and enrich their school curriculum. 


The health and safety of both pupils and staff is of primary importance when they are involved in off-site educational visits.

The school organises several trips throughout the academic year which are designed to promote their personal development and intellectual curiosity through a variety of experiences such as:

  • planned curriculum visits

  • theme days/weeks

  • workshops and theatre groups who are invited in to school

  • developing specific links with The Livity School and other organisations to ensure the best possible outcomes for our pupils 

We will aim to contact the parents and carers of pupils who have been invited to participate in an educational visit at least two weeks prior to the proposed date of the visit. The communication will be made by letter, and the information provided will include the date, travel times, destination, purpose of the visit, and the size of the group as well as the number of adults supervising the group.

Also, we will communicate:

  • times and details of travel, including drop-off and pick-up times and location

  • clothing and equipment required, and whether this is provided by the school

  • expected behaviour

When required, parents/carers will be asked to provide written consent for educational visits by signing and dating a form to be returned to the school.

Educational Visits

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