Girls Team

A big well done to Krystal, Leahna , Ailish, Tia, Olivia and June – Maria who took part in the football festival. It was a great occasion to welcome the upcoming 2019 Women’s Football World Cup that will be hosted in France from the 7th June to 7th July.  The girls team did extremely well and came in second place. Elm Court missed first place by only one point.

A special mention to Krystal, Tia and Oilivia. Krystal was the top scorer in the tournament. Tia was the most valuable player of the team and showed true sportsmanship towards another team. Olivia was very kind and their coach was very impressed with the whole teams behaviour and skill.

U12 Boys football Team

A big well done to Armani, Pharell , Thomas, Tolu, Shammy and, Troy who were also worthy co-runners up with another school.   They came third just by goal difference. They played very good matches and their performance improved as the day when on! They all supported each other and this led to the big win in the final match when they beat the winners of the tournament.

A special mention as well to Pharell and Armani. Pharrell was the top scorer of the team and Armani was the most valuable player of the team. Armani encouraged his team mates from the start to finish, what a great example for everybody.

Congratulations and keep training hard you made us proud!!!