Last Friday, 11th March, saw the launch of Science Week.  We exploded onto the scene by embracing two themes: Science Week and the forthcoming Sport Relief Day on 18th March.  These themes led to our whole school cross curricular ‘Electricity’ theme.  On Friday 18th for Sport Relief the theme is Superheroes.

We were privileged to have  Rainforest Workshops led by Dr Barnett who came from Brazil to deliver talks on ecology.  We then opened our doors to Reptile Events.  Reptile Events is a company committed to reptile rescue and regularly do workshops in schools.   They brought along a selection of new friends for them to meet. This included a bearded dragon, blue tongued skink, 2 corn snakes, 2 royal pythons and an albino Burmese python that weighed 3 stone. The braver students had a chance to hold the animals while other students enjoyed watching the animals and talking to the reptile handlers.

Students took part activities throughout the week and science themed education visits.  The week will end with Sport Relief and we look forward to seeing the costumes our students (and staff) will wear.

It has been a fantastic week so far, full of learning and interactive fun.  We look forward to an even bigger and better Science Week next year.