On Wednesday we welcomed Dr Adrian Barnett for the second time, to deliver another one of his amazing Rainforest talks. This time the focus was on the various species of monkeys which the Doctor has been studying.

From the Proboscis Monkey to the White-faced Saki, yes there was something for everyone. Not only did we engage the whole school during scheduled morning sessions, the talks were very cross-curricular, embracing the arts, religion, spirituality and of course, science. So staff as well as students were very much entertained.

The students asks so many great questions. The Year 11 talk went on way past their 30minutes session, due to one student’s desire to find out everything possible about the Rainforest, with a few to going out there in the future and doing some research in the Amazon!!!

Did you know that monkeys can actually do sign language? Well KoKo the Gorilla, proved this point and we actually watched her doing this, astonishingly.

Thank you to Dr Barnett for giving up his time and we look forward to his next visit.