PSHE informs pupils so that they are able to understand how to be safe and to gain insight about lifestyles that will be of huge benefit to them now and move on into society.

The PSHE programme has been tailored to meet the individual needs of our pupils. The programme and curriculum is supported and informed by academic opportunities enabling students to gain AQA Personal Social Health Education qualifications.

Elm Court School strives to ensure that all children regardless of gender, ability, sexual orientation, race or religion feel valued. Integral to this is an environment where pupils feel valued and feel there is a space where they can discuss some of the issues facing young adolescents.

To support our aims pupils have access to a stream of high value workshops and teacher led tutorials

Given the contextual picture, locally, nationally and globally, our students receive specific guidance and education in the areas of:

  • Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco education
  • Sex and Relationship Education
  • Health and Well-being education
  • Economic & Financial Independance

Supporting and guiding the school we have accessed or have access to:

  • Young London matters for our SRE Curriculum
  • Victim .UK    (SRE)
  • Mentor ADEPIS resources for drug & alcohol education
  • Highly motivated student voice
  • SO14 Street Violence Crime staying safe in different situations (Guest speaker) – Community Partnership Unit. SC019 MET Police
  • Brave the RAGE which delivers a range of 1;1 emotional and personal support – Anti Bullying and anger management
  • Personal finance/Financial Education (Blackfriars Advice Centre)
  • AQA PSHE awards and certification
  • We have a girl’s group programme which provided a forum for all girls to express concerns, opinions and views openly.

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