Performing Arts and Creative Media at Elm Court

“I sing because I love singing. I perform because I love performing. I write because I actually enjoy writing”.

– Ne-Yo

The Performing Arts curriculum at Elm Court is vibrant and exciting. Each and every one of our pupils can participate in activities to enable them to enjoy, explore and maximise their potential. Our highly experienced specialist tutors work in a close-knit team to create end of term performances in which all pupils can share their achievements.

KS3: Right from the start of Year 6, pupils take part in music, drama and dance workshops. By the end of KS3 and, for the more able students by the end of Year 8, pupils can already achieve Entry Level certification in Performing Arts.

KS4: From these solid foundations, pupils move into Key Stage 4 able to specialise in those areas of the Performing Arts that they most enjoy or excel in.  Pupils’ efforts are rewarded with qualifications from Entry Level through to GCSE and even A level equivalent certification.

Extra: KS4 (Year 11) pupils can take part in music technology which is taught at school.  All pupils can also participate in our music after school club.

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