Since October Elm Court students were given the opportunity to take part in kayaking sessions at Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre.

Based in a unique location on one of the historic docks in London, and with access to the fast moving water of the River Thames, they have the ideal conditions to provide both safe and adventurous Watersports for people of all abilities.   The trips were funded by the Jack Petchey Award. Mr Roberts, our Engagement Mentor and winner of the staff leader award, organised these trips for the students with the funding given to school for his achievements.

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On 12th November it was the turn of our Year 11 students to take to the water.  During this experience they attempted to reward Mr Roberts and accompanying staff by splashing them with the waters of the River Thames. Needless to say they failed!  The trip went really well, everyone had fun and school will certainly be using this venue again.