British Values

British Values

We are proud to promote British values across our broad and balanced curriculum which will give our pupils the skills, knowledge and attributes to be prepared for modern life in Great Britain.

Pupils learn about other cultures and religions through lessons which enable them to become more knowledgeable and to embrace difference. Each lesson is delivered with a SMSC focus ensuring that this becomes part of the social development of our pupils and will help them to become confident young people.

We are a diverse school and our pupils recognise and value this. At Elm Court we hold whole school themed days which allow pupils to celebrate other cultures, these are wonderful occasions where we welcome the parents and carers to join us in school and take part in the celebration. These whole school community events help us to promote a mutual respect and tolerance between all parties.

Pupils have learned at first hand the process of democracy through carrying out a mock general election, the pupils listened to the message of the main parties before choosing their favoured party and casting their votes in a secret ballot.