Artsmark award

We are pleased to announce that Elm  Court School has been awarded the Artsmark status by the British Arts Council in partnership with Trinity College.   This process was led by Miss Aine Finan, Art and General Subject Teacher, who wrote: “We have achieved...

The Sparkplug Project

Students recently attended Sparkplug, a project which offers engagement of young people through motorbike riding. Sparkplug  programmes aim to help develop a sense of direction and a greater sense of self-belief, self-confidence and exposure to things outside our...

Science in Year 7

Year 7 students are currently learning about animal cells in Science.  They learnt about the different parts of animal cells by making models of them.  The models were made using jelly, grapes and sandwich bags.  Very inventive!

Tate Modern Gallery

Year 8 students visited the Tate Modern Gallery as part of their Design Technology brief. They looked at modern artworks to get ideas for their design for a cushion cover.  Each student then decided to sketch the pieces they viewed to inspire their...

School Council Elections

Elections for new members of our School Council will occur next week. Nominations will be from each year group and the Council meets weekly with the Deputy Headteacher. We look forward to welcoming new students onto our School Council.