Pupil Council

The Pupil Council are a vibrant part of the school community.  Members are elected yearly and represent all year groups.

Following a successful school election in which all students cast a vote for their chosen candidate we are delighted to announce the Elm Court School Pupil Council:

  • Selma, Michael, Darion. Dante, Krystal, June, Lukass, Courtney, William, Jodie, Kasim,  James, and Juwon.

The Pupil Council allows our students to learn about democracy, a key element of ‘British Values’, at first hand. Every year group is represented in order to ensure that the opinions and ideas of the whole school are expressed. The Pupil Council will meet weekly and will be responsible for making decisions in areas such as:

  • the school curriculum
  • teaching and learning
  • improving the student experience including tackling any issues
  • purchasing of school equipment
  • school meals
  • planning trips and educational visits
  • organising cultural and charity fundraising events

As well as giving our pupil a voice and allowing them into the decision making process in school, our Pupil Councillors will develop leadership and teamwork skills which will be critical to their success in modern Britain.