Elm Court School Governing Body consist of specialist volunteers who work with the school team to ensure that pupils are safe, their achievement is maximised and that the school’s resources are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. Each Governor will assume a responsibility for an aspect of school life. The Governors are appointed by the school, the parents and the Local Authority. They meet termly and regularly visit school. They also attend training sessions to ensure that they are up-to-date with developments and are supported by a substantive clerk.

Declaration of Business Interests: Governors are required to declare if they have any relevant personal and financial interests.  Currently all Governors have declared that they have no interests or relationships between themselves and members of school staff.  These signed documents are kept securely at school and the Register of Business Interests is updated at each full Governing Body meeting.

Privacy notice for Governors and Volunteers


Governing Body Details

There ares currently two vacancies

Clerking services are provided by Clerking & Appeals Associates

Name Category of Governor Appointed by Position Voting rights (inc any convened committees) Register of Business Interests
Michael Jenner Parent Governing Body: 01.10.14 Chair Yes None declared
Deb Conner Co-opted Governing Body: 01.10.14 Co-opted Governor Yes None declared
Joanna Tarrant Headteacher 01.09.14 Ex officio Yes None declared
Vacant Co-opted Governing Body Co-opted Governor Yes Vacant
Lindy Zubairy Parent Governing Body: 01.10.14 Vice Chair Yes None declared
Lydia Gibson Co-opted Local Authority: 01.10.14 Co-opted Governor Yes None declared
Steven Olaman Staff Governing Body: 01.10.14 Staff Governor Yes None declared
Jenny Keen Co-opted Governing Body: 28.09.16 Co-opted Governor Yes None declared
Laura Malanphy Co-opted Governing Body: 31.01.18 Co-opted Governor Yes Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership
Vacant Local Authority Governing Body LA Governor Yes Vacant

Governing Body Attendance

During the 2017 – 2018 academic year the Governing Body met seven times.  This year seven meetings are scheduled with focused meetings convened if required.  The Governing Body has met twice since September 2018.

Name Category of Governor Appointed by Position Attendance 2017-2018  (7 meetings) Attendance 2018-2019  (7 meetings)
Deb Conner Co-opted Governing Body Co-opted 6 out of 7 2 out of 7
Sam Cuthbertson Co-opted Governing Body Co-opted  6 out of 7 Vacant
Joanna Tarrant Headteacher Ex officio Headteacher 7 out of 7 2 out of 7
Michael Jenner Parent Governing Body Chair 7 out of 7 2 out of 7
Lindy Zubairy Parent Governing Body Vice Chair 7 out of 7 2 out of 7
Lydia Gibson Co-opted Governing Body Co-opted 5 out of 7 0 out of 7
Latoya Henry Local Authority Local Authority LA Governor 1 out of 7 Vacant
Steven Olaman Staff Governing Body Staff Governor 7 out of 7 2 out of 7
Jenny Keen Co-opted Governing Body  Co-opted 6 out of 7 1 out of 7
Laura Malanphy Co-opted Governing Body  Co-opted 4 out of 7 1 out of 7