• World Book Day 23rd May 2017

    To celebrate World Book Day 9BM and 10LH visited Foyles book shop in central London.  The staff were ready to meet us, show us around and answer our questions about books. Both groups were able to take in some sights and visit Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Downing Street and Parliament After some time there we walked through Covent Garden before returning to school.  Everybody enjoyed the visits, especially in the sunshine and visiting central London.




  • Chelsea’s Choice at Elm Court 23rd May 2017

    On the 9th and 11th May, Year 8 to 11 students were treated to a very thought provoking play – Chelsea’s Choice, aimed at raising their awareness around Child Sexual Exploitation, Trafficking, the ‘Grooming’ Process, Healthy Relationships and Safe Internet use, as well as where to go for help and advice.  The students enjoyed the play while appreciating the serious nature of its message.

    “The play was very emotional and gave the students good advice”  Chaden, Year 10




  • Achievement Week 05th April 2017

    We ended term four with Achievement Assemblies which also marked the end of Achievement Week.  Students celebrated their awards for achievements in subjects and attendance. It also marked an end to a fantastic term filled with creativity, fun and a second showing of CSI: Elm Court.







    On behalf of the staff and students at Elm Court School, Happy Easter!



  • Elm Court School at WE 05th April 2017

    WE Day is a celebration of youth making a difference in their local and global communities.  The WE Schools is a year long program that nurtures compassion in young people and gives them the tools to create transformative social change.  There were many celebrity performances and music that the students enjoyed.  Elm Court was very lucky to be given this opportunity again and the students really enjoyed themselves and were inspired by the speeches made.

  • Arts Festival – CSI: Elm Court 05th April 2017

    Our two-day Arts Festival saw students enjoying their creative activities which included stepping stones, rugby delivered by tutors from the Dallaglio Foundation, jewellery making, flower arranging, fashion design, mosaic, scratch art and hair and beauty workshops. Students also prepared food for the parents and carers who were invited to a showcase of the students work at the final day.










    New for this year was CSI: Elm Court. Students had to find out who took the Easter eggs through matching fingerprints and analysing the evidence, before who did it was revealed at the showcase held for parents and carers.

    The students thoroughly enjoyed the two days of creativity and we look forward to an even bigger and better Arts Festival in 2018.



  • Red Nose Day at Elm Court 05th April 2017

    Friday 24th March 2017 was Red Nose Day.

    From Michael Jackson to Sid Vicious, we invited students to dress up as their favourite popstars to raise money for charity.    Students took part in fundraising activities to raise money.   










    It was a fantastic way to have fun and raise money for worthwhile causes.






  • Science Week and Reptiles at Elm Court 05th April 2017

    13th to 17th March 2017  was Science Week

    Last Friday, 11th March, saw the launch of Science Week.  We exploded onto the scene by embracing two themes: Science Week and the forthcoming Comic Relief Day on 24th March.  These themes led to our whole school cross curricular ‘Change’ theme.  On Friday 24th for Comic Relief the theme is Pop stars.










    We were privileged to have workshops led by Dr Barnett who came from Brazil to deliver talks to our students on venoms, toxins and what they do.  We then welcomed back Reptile Events, a company committed to reptile rescue.   They brought along a selection of reptiles for our students to meet. This included a bearded dragon, blue tongued skink, 2 corn snakes, 2 royal pythons and an albino Burmese python that weighed 5 stone. The braver students had a chance to hold the animals while other students enjoyed watching the animals and talking to the reptile handlers.





  • SLSL Football U14s 16th March 2017

    Our U14 football team took part in a tournament at Long Lane Football Club.

    The team overall had a successful day, they played 4 matches, lost three and won one.

    Two weeks ago the U16 team was awarded the “Fair Play“ team prize for the way they conducted themselves on the football pitch. This week the U14 team has risen to the challenge and was also awarded “Fair Play“ team prize.  This demonstrates the excellent values of our students.

    Special mentions to Billy for his commitment and Krystal for her exceptional performance playing in a boys’ league a few years older than her.

    Congratulations to Charlie who won the Jack Petchey Award for his leadership abilities. As a result the school was awarded £250 which has been used to purchase a new football kit for the team.

    Well done our U14team!




  • SLSL Football Under 16 08th March 2017

    Our U16 football team took part in a tournament at Long Lane Football Club.

    The team overall had a successful day; they played 4 matches, lost two and won two.

    Elm Court was awarded the “Fair Play“ team prize for the way they conducted themselves on the football pitch.

    Special mentions to Kevin for his goalkeeping skills, Mauricio for his defensive skills and Luis, one of the best players of the tournament, for outstanding performance.

    Well done U16 team!

  • Achievement Assemblies 14th February 2017

    Spring term 3 ended on Friday with our Achievement Assemblies. 








    Have a restful half Term.





  • Flat Stan First Aid Workshops 14th February 2017

    The end of term saw students participating in Frist Aid Workshop courtesy of Flat Stan, a company dedicated to introducing children everywhere  to Essential Life Skills so that now or later on in life they will know what to do in an emergency so that they can help themselves and others – and all live happily ever after!











    We had a first aid event at school. I thought it was cool. I like first aid; we learnt how to do CPR. We also learnt how to deal with a cut and also how to bandage an arm.

    The guy who taught us was Sam, he was funny. I had already done first aid before this so it was just a refresher for me, but I thought it was good that other people were learning this stuff.

    By Jodie, Year 10





  • GCSE Art Students at Wicked 14th February 2017

    On Wednesday 18th January GCSE Art students went to watch the long running and well-loved musical, Wicked.

    They all took inspiration from the performances, costumes and set design and plan on incorporating into their own work.






    We might even expect some renditions of the show’s big musical numbers!





  • Quality in Careers Standard 31st January 2017

    Lambeth Council has given us the opportunity to complete the Quality in Careers standard for our careers education. We are one of 16 Lambeth schools currently working towards this.

    The Quality in Careers standard is about improving students’ awareness of opportunities, raising their aspirations and working with them to ensure they achieve their full potential. It is a quality standard for the management of careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG). It is now the most widely used quality award of its kind, recognised nationally across the country. To receive it, we will have to demonstrate our commitment to provide impartial, independent careers education, information, advice and guidance to all of our students.

    What’s in it for our students?

    We continue to work to ensure that our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme gives our students:

    • Self-awareness
    • Awareness of opportunities
    • Broad horizons
    • High motivation to achieve
    • Ability to make the right choices
    • Involvement in designing and evaluating our CEIAG programme
    • Access to a curriculum that is relevant to life beyond school, including the world of work and further education
    • Equal opportunities.


    What’s in it for the school?

    The Quality in Careers Award helps us ensure that we:

    • Meet legislation requirements
    • Follow Government guidelines
    • Have a framework for CEIAG
    • Have independent, objective evidence for inspections (e.g. Ofsted)
    • Receive public recognition of our provision of CEIAG
    • Integrate CEIAG within the curriculum
    • Have a whole school approach to CEIAG.


    For further information about our CEIAG programme, please contact Anne-Marie Pugh, Off-Site Provision or Aylla Macphail, Assistant Headteacher – Curriculum & Assessment through the school office or email


  • Year 7 at the London Boat Show 13th January 2017

    The students in Year 7 were rewarded for achieving their targets by attending the London Boat Show at the ExCel Centre.






    We had an excellent day with everyone embracing the canoeing activity.  It certainly got some students out of their shells!

    A huge Thank You to all at Rockley Watersports & Training for making this a memorable experience.




  • Elm Court Christmas Concert 22nd December 2016

    Autumn term came to a close with our annual Christmas Performance.  Parents, Carers and Governors were invited to sing along and enjoy student performances compered by Jodie.

    The audience were treated to music on steel pans, songs, LAMDA speeches including a special showing of “The Chase”, directed by Gabriel; student BTEC presentations, the staff choir before joining in to a sing Silent Night.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the refreshments provided afterwards, where we all could celebrate our students’ creativity and look forward to the festive season.

    On behalf of all the students and staff at Elm Court School: Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to more inspired teaching and learning in the New Year.

  • Countdown to the end of term 22nd December 2016

    The countdown to Christmas continued in the final week of term.  For all their hard work this term, students were treated to trips and visits to places of interest.

    10MA at the Ritzy Cinema:  10MA went to see Moana  at the Ritzy Cinema and were treated to access to the fairground rides outside.  The students had a blast!  They all enjoyed the film and there was something for everyone.  Jodie even said that it was the best Christmas trip ever.  Nyat loved the rides so much she did not want to leave!  M&L Pleasure Fairs, the company responsible for the fair in Windrush Square (SW9), gave us a very good deal on the rides and prizes (free!!). On the way back to school 10MA visited as much street art as they could as most of these students are doing GCSE Art and felt that the images would suit the current project.

    dsci2262jpg dsci2260jpg dsci2255jpg dsci2253jpg dsci2252jpg dsci2248jpg










    11 DR and 8AMo at Airhop in Guildford: 11DR and 8AMo celebrated the end of a hard working term with a trip to Air Hop in Guildford.  They enjoyed the form pit, dodge ball trampolining, basketball trampolining and the free-style trampolining.  They were excellent ambassadors for Elm Court School, showing all the personal and social skills they have developed.  Bouncing high, of the walls and flipping into the foam pit – a good time was had by all.

    20161219_120352 20161219_120933





    8GW at the London Aquarium: Year 8 students visited the Sea Life London Aquarium on the South Bank. Combining active, hands-on learning with fascinating educational talks and an opportunity to have an up close and personal view into their amazing aquatic world, students agreed that their visit was an educational experience like no other.

    image1jpg image2jpg image3jpg image8jpg image9jpg image10jpg










    Year 9, CCC and Year 12 at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland:  Its the largest open air ice rink in the UK, set around Hyde Park’s Victorian bandstand under a canopy of sparkling lights.  Students enjoyed ice skating but had to wrap up really warm!


    dsc00937 dsc00946 dsc00982 dsc00988










  • Cater Link Christmas Lunch 22nd December 2016

    The countdown to the end of term started with our students having their Christmas Lunch provided by the caterers, Cater Link.  Students and staff agreed that it was the best ever! 

    dsc01481 dsc01482 dsc01486 dsc01490 dsc01517






    Thank you to our School Cook, Fola and Kitchen Assistant, Margaret for their hard work in preparation and on the day – they surpassed last year’s lunch.




  • Bikeability at Elm Court School 07th December 2016

    As part of National Road Safety Week students from Elm Court took part in a Bikeability Level 1 training course. The course taught the students ways in which they can remain safe whilst out cycling.

    The course was hugely successful and the Bikeability instructors will return to Elm Court in the new year in order to teach two further courses, they will help to teach beginner cyclists how to ride a bike and develop the skills of our more advanced cyclists in an ‘on road’ setting.

    A very big well done to all those that took part!






  • Mountain biking at Shadwell Basin 20th November 2016

    This term students have the opportunity to visit Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre to improve their skills and have fun!

    image5 image9 image8 image7 image4 image image1 image3















  • Art in Year 7 11th October 2016

    Year 7 students continue to show their creativity in Art

    year-7-001 year-7-002 year-7-003  year-7-005









  • Horticulture at Elm Court 11th October 2016

    Green in more ways than one!

    This year the curriculum offer at Elm court School has been extended so that students can have the option of following a number of individualised academic and vocational pathways.  The Horticulture Pathway students have wasted no time in showing their green credentials on their course.  As well as demonstrating their knowledge of plants and requirements for plants to thrive, they have also been recycling materials that would have gone to landfill.

    img_0487 img_0492 img_0496






    Students have used old car tyres to make planters, by bolting them together and spraying them to ensure they are visually pleasing and then planted Autumn plants to brighten up the environment.  It is a great addition to the school.









  • AquAid Water Pump 01st September 2016

    School has supported AquAid, suppliers of our water coolers, to build water pumps in Africa.  This started with school agreeing to have a badge and article of support uploaded on our website.

    Our well has now been built!

    Aquaid well




    Please see the Humanities news section for more details.








  • Sports Day 26th July 2016

    Sports Day brought our 2015-2016 academic year to a close.

    rsz_3dsci1795 rsz_dsci1700 rsz_dsci1712 rsz_dsci1722 rsz_dsci1729 rsz_dsci1745 rsz_dsci1784 rsz_dsci1797 rsz_dsci1828 rsz_dsci1843 rsz_dsci1875 rsz_dsci1877



















    Students enjoyed team sports which included football, hockey and basketball during a fun pack morning which ended with a spirited tug of war!  Students received trophies for their efforts and enjoyed their lunch in the sunshine before saying goodbye.

    On behalf of all the staff at Elm Court School we would like to wish all our families a great summer and look forward to another year of fun, teaching and learning.



  • Summer BBQ 26th July 2016

    Parents and Carers were invited to our annual summer BBQ and performance.




    rsz_dsci0280 rsz_dsci0277 rsz_dsci0252 rsz_dsci0242



    rsz_dsci0240 rsz_1dsci0339 rsz_1dsci0226 rsz_1dsci0196






    Compered by D’Andrey, parents and carers enjoyed summer food and entertainment provided by students and staff.




  • Makaton taster session at Elm Court 25th July 2016

    On Tuesday 12th July Elm Court hosted a Makaton taster session with regional Makaton tutor Angela Henry.

    What is Makaton?

    Most communication is through speaking to others.  However, some people have difficulty with using speech and they need to use different ways to communicate, like using Makaton symbols and signs.  When we speak, we often use extra tools to help the person we are communicating with understand what we are saying.  For example, if we are asked for directions, we might point (gesture) or draw a picture.  These are clues to help provide more information. Makaton uses speech with signs (gestures) and symbols (pictures) to help people communicate.  We also use facial expression, eye contact and body language to give as much information as possible.

    Signs and symbols give extra information which can be seen.  Research has shown that signs and gestures are easier to learn than spoken words.  This makes sense.  Babies use gestures before they can speak, to tell us what they want.  For example, they might point at the biscuit tin or hold out their arms to be lifted up.  Children and adults can use Makaton to let others know what they want, make choices, share information and understand more.  This helps build and develop important communication and language skills.

    Elm Court staff and professionals from other local schools and nurseries had the opportunity to find out more about Makaton and its benefits, learn up to thirty signs and discuss methods of incorporating Makaton into the services we provide for the young people in our community. The session was a great success and we hope to host again in the future!



  • Whole School Seaside Trip 18th July 2016

    On 15th July the whole school embarked on our annual seaside outing to Littlehampton.  Students travelled in style on coaches supplied by Clarkes of London and enjoyed paddling in the sea, games and lunch in the sunshine. Luckily the weather was on our side which added to their enjoyment.   This was our fourth trip to Littlehampton and we all agreed it was a great success.  We could have stayed there all day but sadly had to return to London!

    DSC01107 DSC01121 DSC01136 DSC01142 DSC01163 DSC01173 DSC01184 DSC01187 DSC01210 DSC01222 DSC01229














    The students are really looking forward to next year.







  • Jack Petchey Awards 13th July 2016

    Thank you very much to all our Jack Petchey winners and their families for attending the Award Ceremony at Catford Broadway Theatre on Monday 11th July 2016.

    It was an oustanding show and we all clapped very proudly as our winners Gabriel, Cameron, Boanerge, Jake and Juwon took to the stage together with our Leader Award winner Simon to receive their medals and have their pictures taken with Councillor Saleha Jaffer, Mayor of Lambeth.

    Cameron Gabriel Jake Juwon simon


    We would like to thank  the Jack Petchey Foundation for helping us celebrate our students’ achievements and well done to all our winners!!”




  • NEW PROVISION: 6th Form and Year 5/6 Transition Class at Elm Court 05th July 2016

    From September Elm Court is proposing to have a 6th Form and Year 5/6 Transition Class.

    For more information please click on the link below:


    Please do contact school if you have any questions or queries on the increase in our provision.



  • Mosaic Art Project: Family Learning Workshops at Elm Court 05th July 2016

    We are currently running a workshop for parents and carers  who are making a tiled mosaic which will be permanently displayed at school.  Funded by Arts4Space the aim is for our parents and carers to:

    Create a beautiful mosaic that will be displayed permanently at Elm Court

    Have a lovely time with our students (your young people)

    Become more confident and more creative, learn many new skills

    Make friends and get lots of advice about what you can do next

    Kane Tile

    Kane popped in to our Friday session and made a beautiful mosaic piece.  Well done Kane!



  • Jack Petchey 22nd June 2016

    The winners of the Jack Petchey Award for the January to June period are Jake, Gabriel, Sarah and William.

    Congratulations and well done to all our students.